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As an attorney at the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof), I am primarily concerned with the legal representation of my clients in the Civil Chambers of the Federal Court of Justice. Most cases involve matters of business law which has been a special interest of mine since working as an attorney for renowned law firms.

Diligence and creativity, personal commitment, focus on success, and a close and trusting collaboration with the attorney of the previous instances and the mutual client are characteristic of my work.

JUVE Handbuch 2016/2017 "crystal clear diction,
razor sharp analysis,
the boss is still hands on"

JUVE-Rechtsmarkt 12/2020

"Dr. Jörg Semmler …. is recognized within the legal sector as being a brilliant and highly-committed lawyer who also drives complex lawsuits largely without the help of a big staff." "Very good jurisdictional-strategic consultation, always available."
(Corporate litigation)
"Very committed,
the boss is hands-on."
"Outstanding lawyer,
personally highly committed."
(Dispute resolution)