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The "JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien" is a notable reference book, published annually, which focuses exclusively on the German market and intends to create more transparency in the market for legal services for businesses.

Frequently recommended law firms for the Federal Court of Justice
Dr. Jörg Semmler

JUVE reference book 2016/2017 "very creative and
profound lawyer, good
corporate lawyer"
JUVE reference book 2016/2017 "direct, precise,
best legal knowledge"
JUVE reference book 2016/2017 "Dogmatic, thorough and accurate. Co-operates very well with party."
JUVE reference book 2014/2015 "meticulous work,
broad scope of
knowledge, very
friendly contact"
JUVE reference book 2013/2014 "vast legal knowledge,
strong commitment to service"
JUVE reference book 2011/2012 "very thorough,
excellent lawyer"
JUVE reference book 2011/2012 "highly competent
and meticulous"