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Personal client representation

All my client files are handled exclusively by myself and not by staff. This includes preparing and coordinating briefs, attending hearings, and meetings with the attorney from the previous instances, the clients and third parties. I am thus always fully acquainted with the facts of the case, the court decisions and files, the status of the proceedings, and the interests and needs of the parties involved. My staff supports me only on rare – and legally less important – occasions. 

Commitment and customer service

With many years of experience in renowned business law firms, I am well aware of the requirements discerning clients place on their attorney and how to meet them. My practice is thus governed by strong commitment, good availability and communication, close and trusting cooperation, and a pronounced understanding of the needs of the client.

Promoting the client's interests

As an attorney at the lower courts, I have provided my clients regularly with comprehensive support. My objective has always been to represent the interests of the client to the fullest extent possible. I have worked for a successful outcome with all – procedural, legal and tactical – means, especially when representing the client in numerous briefs, hearings and settlement proceedings. My work at the Federal Court of Justice, therefore, is not a matter of settling abstract legal issues but of enforcing my clients' interests.

Diligence and creativity

My working style is characterized not only by exceptional diligence and thoroughness but also by creativity and ingenuity. This allows me time and again to develop new arguments for the client's legal perspective which is often a key factor for successful legal representation in final appeal proceedings at the Federal Court of Justice. Such arguments may result not only from the parties' argument and other file contents but also from decisions of an equal or higher-level court which may be hard to find or from a little known regulation, for example, of the European law.